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6 September



St George's Episcopal Church
St. George's Episcopal Church | Growing in Christ's Love and Service | 5520 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton Ohio  45429 | 937-434-1781

Church Windows

Saint George's has 48 stained glass windows in the chancel, narthex and nave of the church.  The windows in this virtual tour are arranged by section of the church.  Click on a name to read about a particular window or see a picture.  When these pages are complete they will include a description of each window, an historic background of the scene,Communion of Saints biographical information about the subject of the window, notes on the symbolism portrayed in the window, and questions for personal reflection.   To take a virtual tour of the entire collection, begin with the Creation window below and select "next window" at the end of each text.  Click on a section heading to view thumbnails of all the windows in that area.

Read more about the design and fabrication of our Stained Glass Windows.

The Chancel is the part of the church containing the altar and seats for the clergy.  These windows cast brilliant color on the altar when the sun is in certain positions.  They have no inscriptions bearing a name as sometimes we know more about the story told than the actual person.


Creation, chancel window

The Narthex is the vestibule leading to the nave of a church.  These windows are in the pattern of an Orthodox iconostasis, the screen that separates the nave from the altar in an Orthodox church.  Christ is always at the center surrounded by the four evangelists.  The icon immediately to Christ's right is always the Blessed Virgin, and to her right (and always closest to the door of the church) an icon that identifies the church (in our case, St. George).  The icon immediately to Christ's left reflects the nature of the congregation (the hospitality of Mary and Martha), and the icon to the left of that links to the local congregation to the greater church (Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer).

Mary Magdalene Window Baptism of Christ Window

The Nave is the main part of the interior of the church.

Northside of the Nave - The North Wall tells the story of the New Testament and the life of Christ.  Jesus appears in each scene (sometimes symbolized by the sacrament) beginning as an infant in the arms of Mary in the Narthex.  Ignatius of Antioch and John Chrysostom transition the story of Jesus into the story of the early Church and the spread of Christianity around the world.

  • Joseph - Husband and Father
  • Andrew - Disciple and Fisherman
  • Peter - Disciple and Martyr
  • James - Disciple and Bishop
  • John - The Apostle the Beloved Disciple
John Window

Southside of the Nave  - The Great South Wall tells the story of the church organized  chronologically by date of death (beginning of life in heaven - their entrance into the "greater communion of saints), these windows move through the history of Anglicanism and the Episcopal Church in the United States.



St Francis Window

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